FAQ – ECG Rent A Car


You can book ECG Rent a Car online or by phone. Just fill in the necessary information to make a reservation on the website. You can also make a reservation by contacting customer service.

The contact information of ECG Rent a Car is available on the website. You can contact the company by calling their phone number or sending an email. In addition, you can also communicate using social media accounts.

ECG Rent a Car has a large fleet of vehicles. There are various types of vehicles available, such as economy cars, sedans, SUVs, vans and luxury vehicles. You can find out which tools are available on the website or in customer service.

The car rental period at ECG Rent a Car usually starts with 24-hour periods. You can make a one-day, one-week or longer-term rental according to your needs. If you have special requests, you can contact customer service.

ECG Rent a Car usually accepts paying by credit card. Common credit cards such as Visa, Mastercard and American Express are usually valid. In some cases, bank transfer or cash paying options may also be available.

When renting a car, you usually need to present a valid driver’s license, ID card and credit card. There may also be situations that require an international driver’s license. In addition, there may be a minimum age limit of 22 or an experience requirement.

The vehicles you rent at ECG Rent a Car are usually insured. However, the insurance conditions and coverage are specified at the time of booking. You can get more information by contacting customer service and get information about additional October insurance options.

If you want to cancel your reservation, you need to review the cancellation policy of ECG Rent a Car. The cancellation procedure usually varies depending on the booking conditions. You can contact customer service to get more information about the cancellation policy.


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