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Our Rental Agreement


Persons who are over the age of 24 and have a valid driver’s license for at least 3 (three) years can rent Economy Class group vehicles. For Middle Class groups, people who have a 5-year driver’s license and have completed 25 years of age or older; For Upper Class group vehicles, people who have a 5-year driver’s license and have completed 27 years of age or older are required. To get more detailed information, contact our Reservation Center +90 552 688 64 61 you can call.


The car rental period is at least over 24 hours.


The prices include 2% Exempt Damage Liability Guarantee and 18% Value Added Tax. October 2019 Fuel Oil, Personal Accident Insurance, Discretionary Financial Liability Insurance, One-Way Fare, Pick-Up/Pick-Up Fee (between 0-40 km), Baby Seat Fee, Navigation Device, Additional Driver Fee, Bridge and Highway Transit Device- Card Usage Fee are also charged. Dec. 10. 10. 10. The delivery of the vehicles to the customer is made with an empty warehouse and an empty warehouse is requested. The mileage limit for monthly rentals varies between 4000 and 5000 km depending on the vehicle group. Dec. In case of exceeding the mileage, an excess fee per km (0.35 Kr) is charged. Detailed information from our rental offices or customer service +90 552 688 64 61 you can get it from our number.


In case of return of the vehicle in another city, a One-Way fee is applied regardless of the rental period. The fee information varies on the basis of location km and you can get detailed information by calling our Reservation Center or rental offices.


The vehicle can be used by persons / persons other than October renter; It is possible by displaying the Driver’s License information of additional drivers / drivers on the Rental Agreement, for a fee. In case of determining the opposite situation and/or any accident, all guarantees are deemed invalid, and the person/persons who rent and drive the vehicle are held responsible separately and jointly. You can call our Reservation Center for price and detailed information.(The additional driver rental conditions are the same as the conditions in Article 1. October 2019.)


In the cities and towns where ECG Rent A Car offices are located, the delivery of vehicles to the customer and pickup from the customer (up to 0- 40 Km) is free of charge according to the availability of the office, provided that it is within the boundaries of the district municipality. However, a fee is also applied for delivery and pickup services to be performed in cities and regions where there is no ECG Rent A Car office. You can call our Reservation Center or Sales Offices for more information.


In case of delays of up to 3 hours in the return of vehicles, 1/3 of the rental price applied in the contract is charged for each hour, and in case of delays exceeding 3 hours, the amount of 1-day rental fee is charged.


The total amount of the rental will be charged at the beginning of the contract by Visa, Master Card (or one of the other known credit cards) or in Cash. The holder of the submitted card must be at the office at the beginning of the rental and sign the rental agreement. No transactions are made about the card without the cardholder. October Dec from the credit card submitted by the customer, in addition to the rental price, deposit collection or pre–authorization blockage will be made between 500 – 1000 TL depending on the vehicle group to be rented. For this reason, the card must have limit availability in the above amounts (up to the total cost of rent and deposit). The amount collected or blocked as a deposit, at the end of October, if any, the above-mentioned additional services, guarantees, fuel, damage, penalty, etc. as soon as the prices not included in the reservation are deducted, they will be refunded to the same card and the blockage will be removed.


All kinds of responsibilities and financial penalties that may arise from non-compliance with traffic laws belong to the tenant. The time that will elapse due to the fact that the vehicles are kept by official or local authorities for whatever reason, is accepted during the contract period.


In case of any accident or theft of a vehicle, an accident detection report should be kept in accordance with the manner of the accident without changing the vehicle’s location, or by contacting the nearest police or gendarmerie station to obtain accident, theft and alcohol detection reports and informing the rental office of the received documents.providing 24/7 service +90 552 688 64 61 he will be able to get support by calling the numbered Full Support Line. In case of accident, if the documents are not completed, all purchased guarantees are deemed invalid and all kinds of damages incurred are collected from the lessee, including material and moral losses to 3rd parties. In case of vehicle malfunction or support is needed for any reason, we provide 24/7 service +90 552 688 64 61 assistance should be provided by telephone number Jul.


Paying Paid Online Immediately October indicates that you will pay your rental price immediately online for the additional services you have selected. If you cancel or make changes to your rental, the refund amount is subject to the amounts specified in the Pay Immediately Terms and Conditions of Use. If you want to buy other services in addition to your rental, you can make the price of these services at the rental office when picking up your car October. The card used during the online booking phase and the card holder must be at the office at the beginning of the rental and sign the rental agreement. Without the card and the cardholder, the rental agreement will not be opened and no transactions will be made in the office for reservations made via Internet prepaid. There is a cash pay application. The discount earned through prepaid Booking cannot be combined with another campaign. Please make sure you read it.

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